Students organizing against racism -SOAR

Though we are in the middle of a pandemic, and school will be online (at least to start), I am thrilled that we will be providing students with an opportunity to take action in the name of social justice. We will be starting a SOAR group at our school.

The name of SOAR comes from Courageous Conversations About Race (CCAR), a project of the Pacific Educational Group, a nonprofit founded by Glenn E. Singleton in 1992. SOAR will be open to staff and 6th-8th grade students of all backgrounds, on a weekly basis. SOAR will work to transform the culture at our school to one that is actively antiracist. The group will introduce students to skills needed to interrupt bias and microaggressions, and to develop healthy and positive racial identities.

Our students are visionary change agents and they are already changing the world. I am here for it.

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