Actively Antiracist

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi explains that individuals either act as racist or antiracist. The passive "not-racist" person is explained in the metaphorical moving sidewalk analogy by Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum. -image from Educational Equity

It is not enough to be "not racist" in a system that continually centers the rights, needs, values, and lives of the dominant white culture. Every system in our society including education, housing, banking, health care, government, criminal justice, etc. has practices, policies and procedures entrenched in racism. Every system is moving on the racist sidewalk.

It's time for active antiracists in every industry to get together to analyze all the practices that result in disparate outcomes based on race and/or ethnicity.

It's time to find antiracists ready to run the opposite way on that moving racist sidewalk. It's time to build thousands of mini- antiracist coaltions in every field.

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