A Latina professor and supervisor-mentor

Updated: Mar 11

The next mentor I would like to thank is Dr. Sharon.

After accomplishing my goal to live and work abroad, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and after presenting about racial and ethnic identity development at conferences in Europe and the USA between the years of 2005-2008, I decided I should return to the USA to help educate teachers and counselors about racial and ethnic identity development, with the focus on getting mostly white teachers and counselors to talk about the potential impact racism and other types of bias can have on children. The year I chose to return to the USA was 2008, so if you recall, education jobs in the public schools were getting slashed. Principals had to choose between paying for custodians or counselors. So, I decided to go back to school to get a Specialist degree in Educational Administration. I worked full time as a counselor and took classes in the evenings.

Dr. Sharon was my professor my second year of my program. When the grant ran out at the elementary school I was working at, Dr. Sharon hired me at her school. I only worked for her as my principal for a year, however in that year, she taught me how to be a strong leader. I loved that year at Coconut Grove Elementary and still keep in touch with Dr. Sharon and several teachers from that school. If you are reading this, Dr. Sharon, thank you for always supporting me!

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