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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Lilian (Lily) Medina and my pronouns are she/hers/ella. As a Colombian- American, cisgender, heterosexual (cishet) woman, I am a proud Latina, yet I must admit the proud Latina part was not always the case. I was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, surrounded by the dominant white culture. I started my antiracist journey during my early adolescence when various events caused me to struggle to establish a positive racial and ethnic identity. Through my turbulent adolescent years, I developed an ambition to escape all the negativity of the world by focusing on earning advanced degrees. I have since thoroughly enjoyed working in Education since 1998, and have been fortunate enough to have incredible opportunities to work in prestigious schools in the USA and abroad. My current position is as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at an independent K-8 school in New York City. My philosophy in doing Antiracism work in schools and with parents is to combine it with social emotional learning, counseling psychology, the history of systemic racism, and mindfulness practices. I offer a relationship-based approach to radical school change. I'm an avid cyclist and daily Transcendental Meditation practitioner and consider myself a passionate lifelong learner.   


Tailored School and PArent ANTI-BIAS and ANTIRACISm

Workshops and consulting available

Sample Workshops and Presentations

* Brave Conversations: Part One: The Science of Bias  ​

                                        Part Two: Deconstructing  Stereotypes

                                        Part Three: Moving to Allyship

* Not Knowing What We Don't Know

* Anti-Blackness in Latinx Communities

* Allyship and Listening

* Effective Allyship for New Antiracists

* Finding  My Role in Social Change

* Systems of Power and Oppression 

* Culturally Responsive Teaching and Covid Coping Tips (using design thinking)

* Defining My Character - Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Grades K-5

* Making Meaning Out of All Aspects of Your Identity Grades 6-8

* The Dominant Culture in the USA


* The Dominant Culture Through The Eyes of BIPOC

* Diversity and Inclusion School Audit